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Madras Fertilizers Limited


Madras Fertilizers Limited (MFL) was incorporated in December 1966 as a Joint Venture between GOI and AMOCO India Incorporation of USA (AMOCO) with GOI holding 51% of the equity share capital. In the year 1972, NIOC acquired 50% of the AMOCO’s share and the shareholding pattern became 51% GOI and 24.5% each of AMOCO and NIOC. In 1985, AMOCO disinvested their shares, which were purchased by GOI and NIOC in the proportions of their respective shares as on 22.07.1985. The revised share holding pattern was GOI 67.55% and NIOC 32.45%. Subsequent to the Issue of Rights shares in 1994 for part financing of the Project, the shareholding of GOI & NIOC stand at 69.78% and 30.22%. During 1997, MFL had gone for Public Issue of 2,86,30,000 shares with face value of ₹10 and a premium of ₹ 5 per share. Of these, 2,58,09,700 shares were subscribed. The present Paid up share capital and the shareholding pattern are as follows:

Shareholder Paid Up Capital (₹ in Cr) Share Holding %
GOI 95.85 59.50
NIOC 41.52 25.77
Public 23.73 14.73
Total 161.10 100.00

The Company has an authorised share capital of ₹ 365 Cr and the paid up equityis ₹ 161.10 Cr. MFL commenced commercial production in 1971, with an annual installed capacity of 2,47,500 MT of Ammonia, 2,92,050 MT of Urea and 5,40,000 MT of NPK. A major revamp / expansion was carried out in 1998 at a cost of ₹ 601 Cr, enhancing the annual installed capacity to 3,46,500 MT of Ammonia, 4,86,750 MT of Urea and 2,80,000 MT of NPK.


To become a leader in fertilizer and process industry and in production/marketing of agrochemicals and other eco-friendly products like Bio-fertilizers/NeemPesticides through Efficient Operation, Quality Product, Market Orientation and Dedicated Manpower.


• During the year 2021-22, Plant has produced 503900 MT of Neem Coated Urea. The capacity Utilisation of Urea plant is 103.5% with an operating factor of 101.6%.

• MFL has achieved Urea Production of 503900 MT which is the best annual production (previous best 486750 MT in the FY 2013-14).

• Annual Specific Energy Consumption of 7.371 GCal/MT of Urea is the Lowest Specific Energy Consumption since inception (Previous Best 7.386 GCal/MT in the FY 2013-14)

• Quarterly Production of 146662 MT of Urea during Oct-Dec 2021 is the highest production since inception (Previous Best 144763 MT during Jan-Mar 2011)

•Quarterly Specific Energy Consumption of 6.989 GCal/MT of Urea during Oct-Dec 2021 is the Lowest Specific Energy Consumption since inception (Previous Best 7.057 GCal/MT during Jan-Mar 2011)

• Monthly production of 50662 MT achieved during Dec 2021 is the Best monthly production (Best 50650 MT in Mar 2016)

• Monthly Specific Energy Consumption of 6.839 GCal/MT of Urea during Dec 2021 is the Lowest Specific Energy Consumption since inception (Previous Best 6.890 GCal/MT in Apr 2013) • At the close of Mar 31, 2022, 2911 days were completed without any lost time accident covering 9.99 million man-hours. (Previous best Achieved - 5.66 million man-hours.) MARKETING PERFORMANCE FERTILIZER SALES • Achieved an All-time Record sale of 5,04,559 MTs of Vijay Neem Coated Urea since revamping of Urea Plants which is 5.2% increase over previous year sale of 4,79,402 MTs.

• Our Market share in Tamil Nadu is 28.01% which is more than One fourth of total market share of Tamilnadu and it is 8.2 % in MFL’s marketing territory of South India. (Total consumption 2021-22: 61,45,562 MTs and CPLY : 60,68,525 MT).

• Sold the entire available quantity of 26,253 MTs of Vijay 17-17-17

• Overall, Sold 5,30,812 MTs of both NPK 17-17-17 and NC Urea during the year which is at par with the previous year sale of 5,31,270 MTs.

• Record movement of 5,28,255 MT which is 2 nd best in the last 8 years, irrespective of pandemic conditions that prevailed throughout the year. ORGANIC MANURES, NEEM PESTICIDES & BIO-FERTILIZERS SALES

• Sold 169.24 MT of Vijay Bio Fertilizers which is the highest in the past 6 years and it is 8% increase over previous year sale of 157.00 MT.

• Sold 113.63 KL of Vijay Neem which is the highest in the past 8 years and it is 17% increase over previous year sale of 96.67 KL.

• Under “Basket Approach” MFL sold 6832 MTs of Vijay Organic which is the highest in the past 6 years and 35% increase over previous year sale of 5046 MTs. MFL is proud to be the Market leader in Tamilnadu with 50 % market share.

• In addition to Organic Manure, Under “Swachh Bharat Mission”, Marketing of City Compost, a product from Municipality/Factory waste, has been undertaken and 10634 MTs was sold which is 66% increase over previous year sale of 6403 MTs

• With respect to City Compost sales, MFL is the TOPPER in Tamilnadu in this segment. MARKET DEVELOPMENT & AGRO-SERVICE PROGRAMMES: MFL’s Marketing personnel have contacted 23744 farmers during the year and continuouslyimparted knowledge to farmers on use of eco-friendly products for soil health, soil fertility, Soilvitality and balanced fertilization (Integrated Nutrient Management). Method demonstrationsand farmer seminars were organized in coordination with State/Central Agricultural extensiondepartments. Under corporate social responsibility to farming community, Marketing personnel had collected4036 soil samples, got analyzed and communicated to the farmers about the micro & macronutrient recommendations of various crops to farmers during the year. In pursuance to the Prime Minister’s Mission on empowering the Farmers vide SupportiveSchemes & Education on farming techniques, MFL continues its service to the farmers through“KisanSuvidha Kendra” at Gangavathy and Shimoga in Karnataka State. Farmer services likesoil sample analysis and recommendation of fertilizer dosage based on soil test report, educatingthe farmers on weather, crop Insurance and other improved farm technologies were offered.