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Planning, Monitoring and Innovation

Planning, Monitoring and Innovation (PMI):

Planning, Monitoring & Innovation (PMI) wing is headed by Economic Advisor and is assisted by DS(PMI). This wing has three Sections:

PMI-I : Production & Inputs (P&I) Section:

PMI-I Section deals with Collection, Compilation, analysis of statistical data of Production pertaining to major fertilizers sector i.e. in respect of Urea, DAP and Complex Fertilizers, Preparation of Company-wise, unit-wise, product-wise, nutrient-wise & state-wise production estimates on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and seasonal basis, Preparation/issuance of Monthly D.O. letter to Cabinet Secretariat, Monthly Quick Estimates of fertilizers production for Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation (MoSPI), Material for statistics at a glance for Ministry of Agriculture, Index of Industrial Production (IIP) data for MoSPI and DIPP (M/o Commerce). PMI-I section also provides production data on major fertilizers for various publication including Annual Report of the Department, Fertilizer Scenario, Economic Survey, etc.

PMI-II : Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Section:

The subjects dealt by PMI-II Section deals with Monitoring of performances of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) through holding Quarterly Review Meetings, Processing/Granting Techno-Economic Clearance proposals for availing custom duty concession on imported goods/item for renovation/modernization of fertilizer plants, expansion/revival of existing fertilizer plants and setting up of new fertilizer plants/projects, Publication of Handbook ‘Fertilizer Scenario’ (Annually) and collection compilation and preparation of Monthly Bulletin of the Department.

PMI-III : Innovation & Research Section:

PMI-III Section looks after the matter related to new Innovative Fertilizers and Fertilizer’s Technology, R&D in fertilizer sector. All works related to Indian Council for Fertilizers and Fertilizer Technology Research (ICFFTR) and it’s monitoring are being dealt in PMI-III Section.

In addition to above three sections, PMI wing has also been assigned to look after:

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)/Investment Cell:To attract and process the new foreign and as well as domestic investment proposals in fertilizer sector.
  • Project Development Cell (PDC):To work on Identification of Fertilizer Projects, Evaluation of the pipeline of projects, online monitoring and reporting of its efforts to attract investment in fertilizer sector and build up a complete list of projects, preparation of DPR / feasibility report with all approvals for adoption in close coordination with fertilizer industry and other organization during development of shelf of projects for products as well as infrastructure and shall strive to attract investors for grounding these projects and put forth these before the Empowered Group of Secretaries set up to provide support and facilitation to investors for investing in India and boost growth in key sectors of the economy.